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Who am I?
If this once I were to rely on a proverb, then perhaps everything would amount to knowing whom I haunt.
— Andre Breton
My paintings are landscapes to enter and explore, to decode. They are challenges to understand the meanings behind combinations of words, symbols and colors. They are invitations to investigate the significance of associations between juxtaposed elements and phrases, simply put dreams. Motivated by the challenge of defining vast expanses of time through layers, I collect materials. Gathered throughout time, by myself and others: a news clipping from the Moon Landing my grandmother saved, a flyer from a show I saw in Toronto, or a ticket stub from a movie with someone I loved. Materials layered like the rings of trees, compressing time through a collage technique I developed using acrylic paint and a variety of stains, glazes, dirt, ash on wood panels and parts of weathered barns and houses. The struggle to express my most inner thoughts and ideas, the materials, the land have awakened a vision of eternity in me.


2019 Gathered Gallery, Bellevue, Kentucky
2019 The Red Door Project, Cincinnati Ohio
2018 Secret Artworks from The Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio
2014 Greenwich House Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
2012 Synthetica-M, Cincinnati, Ohio
2011 Cynthiana Art Walk, Cynthiana, Kentucky
2011 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
2009 Chapman Friedman Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky
2008 Syntetica, Cincinnati, Ohio
2008 El Ojito Springs, Tucson, Arizona
2008 Art Access, Columbus, Ohio
2008 Artonomy, Cincinnati, Ohio
2007 The Greenwich, Cincinnati, Ohio
2007 Terra Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2007 The Agora, Columbus, Ohio
2007 The Marx Gallery, Covington, Kentucky
2006 qTen, Westerville, Ohio
2006 Art For Life, Columbus, Ohio
2006 Xoma Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
2006 The Kirsten Bowen Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2005 The Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2005 Durkin’s Eclectic Art Limited, Columbus, Ohio
2005 MadLab, Columbus, Ohio
2005 “M” an Ultramodern Gallery, Covington, Kentucky
2004 St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Covington, Kentucky
2003 Studio ASH, Columbus, Ohio
2003 Cox Fine Arts Center/OSF, Columbus, Ohio
2002 Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, New York
2002 Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
2002 Franklin Square Gallery, Southport, North Carolina

Thought-provoking pieces ...powerful, intriguing, and pleasing to look at.
— Bill Mayr, Columbus Dispatch
Men do not live once only and then depart hence forever. They live many times in many places, although not always on this world. Between each life there is a veil of darkness. The door will open at last and show us all the chambers through which our feet have wandered from the beginning...
— Egyptian Papyrus Scroll by Anana, Chief Scribe to King Seti II, Circa 1320 BC
“Mann is one of the artistic visionaries of my generation. His worldview is conflicted in a self-effacing way; he is aware of our troubles, and wishes to do more than observe, but isn’t necessarily idealistic enough to commit to the causes of the Twitter he draws up fences around what is his, and looks outward, a documentarian who spurns the newsfeed in favor of old news clippings, using the shapes of found scraps of linoleum and elderly farming implements to describe a rusted America: a culture of fertile rot, hopeful in its decay, optimistic in entropy.”
— David S. Lewis, Editor, (614) Magazine
My work is presented to you as a documentation of my attempts to express myself and my attitude, my joy and appreciation, my relationship to the past and others, and my purpose.


Kroger West Chester
Hotel Covington, Collection
“Love and Other Drugs”, Edward Zwick Film
Nancy “Nana” Lampton, Collection
Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Television Series
Tracie McGarity Interiors, Commission
EMH&T, Collection
Fresh A.I.R Gallery, Collection
Excellent Pictures & Words, Commission
LD Management Co Inc, Collection
Ivonne Lie, Indonesia, Collection

Mann’s work is perfectly balanced between quiet and chaos, like a traveler’s letter, a mosaic of emotions on a wide and empty colored landscape.
— Opus Mang, Parisian Art Critic 

It is a strange life, when I consider it, how I struggle to attain strength and clarity, to mold base materials into forms that will express me and my attitude, my joy and appreciation. I work alone, who cares if I produce anything or not, or if anyone appreciates it? Still I believe a good thing will not perish.